Sue M.

I am a devoted client of Dr. Argabright. I had been diagnosed with c-diff after having strep that continued for months. I had been released from the hospital with many antibiotics. I truly thought I was dying. A friend suggested that I make an appointment. Oh how I wanted to live my life again but I was so skeptical. After my first treatment I was convinced that Dr. Argabright knew the answer. She was positive and professional. I immediately felt better. Now, more than a year later, I am living and teaching again with no symptoms. I have also referred friends to her and she is amazing them too!

Teresa B.

I am a true believer in the work Dr. Argabright is doing. I have several issues dealing with my upper back and acid reflux. At first I thought it was from exercise and the acid reflux was cause by getting “older” as many professional people have told me in the past.

By refusing to give into medication, I went to see Dr. Argabright who not only adjusted me from head to toe but explained that my issues where from my organs not preforming correctly and needed a wake up call. I am now back to normal and I DO NOT have to get on medications that would have caused side effects and maybe cause me more problems that would require more medications. Please take the time to explore other options and give Dr. Argabright a try before you decide to take a pill.

Mark W.

I have known Dr. Argabright for a few years now before she became a doctor (Lindsey). I have witnessed a professional in the making. She was always serious about what she does specially soccer. Before I knew it she was certified and I knew, I found my doctor. You see, I am an ex-athlete that had been injured many times in track as a hurdler. If it were not for chiropractors, I feel I would not be walking today. Dr. Argabright has helped me personally and professionally. In 2011, I was in a serious accident. I called Lindsey and she was there for me. I fully believe if it were not for her passion as a doctor, my recovery would not have been as successful. Today I can stand knowing she will be there when I need her. Thank you Dr. Lindsey Argabright. I look forward to many years or working together.

I am thankful that I found Dr. Argabright. She has been very helpful and I appreciate the simplicity of the way she treats patients. I live out of town but plan on visiting her whenever I am in the Dallas area. I can highly recommend Dr. Argabright to you if you are looking for a Wellness Chiropractor.

Laurraine H.

Dr. Lindsey has mastered the art of combining your own body and natural health remedies to heal from the inside out. She listens to your body for a customized diagnosis to get results that heal from the root of the issue instead of the symptom.

Maurice and Kelli H.

I have been going to Dr. Lindsey for over a year now.  I am overall a healthy person but have osteoarthritis of the hip.  She always makes the time to fit me in when I am in such pain.  But I don’t just rely on her for my hip, I look to her for my total health condition.  She is very knowledgeable on supplements and on many things other doctors just want to give you a prescription for.  She always makes sure my body is working properly before I leave; I never feel rushed or feel like she isn’t giving me her best.  It is my sincere belief that through her diligent care, she has prevented many ailments.  I travel a long way to see her and I consider her well worth the trip.  She is an excellent doctor! 

Rebecca P.

Having difficulty walking after sitting or getting out of bed was something I attributed to old age and diagnosed vertebrae problems.  Before an important tennis tournament, my back "locked up" on me so that I could not shift from side to side.  I decided to go a different route than my normal dr.  After my adjustment, I was amazed at how great a change there was...I feel normal again. It has been many years and several mattresses since I have felt this well. 

Thank you Dr. Lindsey!

Sandy O.

I was referred to Dr. Lindsey by several teachers at our school. They had nothing but great stories of healing. I have been going to Dr. Lindsey for a few months and am amazed at her knowledge of the body, its functions and the power it has to heal itself when given the right tools. I have suffered severe food allergies for the past year and have tried many other health professionals who each addressed only one piece of the puzzle. Dr. Lindsey addresses all the pieces and how they work together to heal.

Wendy H.

I am in my late forties.  I was frustrated with western medicine’s response to my aliments.  They told me that my pain was “normal” or that they did not know why my circulation was so bad that my toes were blue or why I had elevated sedimentary rates (indicating inflammation) for years.  Doctors wrote prescriptions that were expensive and did not make me well.  In fact, some of them made me worse.  Dr. Argabright has helped me with many of my issues but I wanted to tell you about one that I did not even realize could be helped. 

I have spent my whole life with painful and swollen ears and sinuses.  I remember taking allergy medicine in the car before going to elementary school in Louisiana, having ear exams where it hurt for the doctor to hold the exam light to my ears, having doctors stick tubes in me to actively suction out my sinuses and painful pressure when exercising especially in cold weather. 

I have been told by doctors that my right ear drum had rupture so many times that if may never heal shut again.  It is very scarred.  For this reason, I was always very careful to get the water out of my ears even after showering.  I would use Q tips to absorb the water as I tilted my head to the side.  I never put them in very far.  I couldn’t.  It was too painful.  I was told by doctors that I had very small ear canals and there was nothing they could do.  

In a visit with Dr. Argabright, I mentioned that I had dyslexia.  She checked my ears because about 30% of dyslexics have issue with “ear glue”.  She made adjustments and provided nutritional support.  I was amazed at the difference this made.  As it turns out, I do not have small ear canals.  Now that the swelling has gone down, I find that there is all sorts of room in there!  I had learned to live with my pain and my dyslexia. Neither of which were necessary.  It miraculous how much this has improved my quality of life.  I had no idea how much pain I was in until it was gone.   

I cannot thank Dr. Argabright enough for all she has done for me.  I was headed down a scary path before I met her.  One, where my health was deteriorating at a rapid rate.  One, where I could not function like normal person or have the energy to go to the grocery store or cook dinner.  All of that is changing.  As I regain my health I am regaining my life, my energy to do the things I want to do.  As a side note, my toes are not blue any more either. 

Cheryl A.

I've been seeing Dr. Lindsey for only a short time and I've had immediate improvements with my hot flashes and digestive issues.  I highly recommend Dr. Lindsey for your health and wellness needs!

Pam B. 

Dr. Argabright has worked wonders physically and nutritionally in my life as well as my child's. No matter the ailment she is able to recommend a course of action that generates stellar results. Her methods are non-invasive and consistently accurate. When she started nutrition testing at True Wellness I went in for a consultation. Using muscle response testing she was able to determine that my body was not processing fruit sugars, corn products, or pasteurized milk properly. She didn't know I had been trying the Special K diet, which meant all I'd been eating for weeks were cereal (loaded with corn starch/products), milk, and fruit! Per her recommendation, I stopped ingesting those products for a couple of weeks, went back, and was back in balance! She can do so much more than that, but it was just one instance where she helped me be as healthy as I can be. Thank you, Dr. Argabright!

Michelle B.